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04-Sep-2018 Muhammad Waleed Afridi Visit User Timeline

Title : My Suggestion For Mobile App

My Respected 

                       Wtih due respect and wishes i want to suggest you to develop a mobile app same functions put in the mobile app where customers can easily access the draws from mobile app.

i hope you will take my small point under procedure.


Best Regards & Wishes 

Muhammad Waleed 


Dubai United Arab Emirtes 

06-Aug-2018 M Imran Majeed Visit User Timeline

Title : Option To delete added bonds with provided series

Option To delete added bonds with provided series, Mean if any one want to delete multiple bond then it is very tough to delete them one by one.

Best Regards,

10-Jul-2018 Mohammad Altaf Visit User Timeline

Title : how to enter multiple bond with the same number

Dear Sir 

i have 100 bonds of 100 Rs. It makes 100 * 100 = 10000 but when i see my dashboard it shows me 9800 bcoz i have got 3 bonds of the same number. As you might have noted that a bond carries alphabet before its number that changes as the state bank issues more and more bonds such as A220501 , B220501 , C220501 .

it does not store our multiple bonds with the same number and when we put 2 or 3 or 4 bonds with the same number the quantity and investment get difference.

Please do the necessary step


20-Jun-2018 Shehzad Qadri Visit User Timeline

Title : Category option.

Sometime we have someone else bonds. so here's another an option like this bond belong to this person. so we can avoid creating new id's for someone's bond.

20-Jun-2018 Shehzad Qadri Visit User Timeline

Title : Duplicate restriction option also required

Duplicate option may help us that this bond is already in our list. so we can restricted in duplication.

20-Jun-2018 Shehzad Qadri Visit User Timeline

Title : Multiple delete option

Must Required delete multiple option. when we have to delete 1 serial packat. we have to delete individually each entry.

17-Jun-2018 MUHAMMAD WASEEM KHASKHELI Visit User Timeline

Title : premium prize bond option

please add premium prize bond search or bond save option your website

15-Jun-2018 Osama Gondal Visit User Timeline

Title : What to do if i want to remove multiple prizebonds

12-Jun-2018 moneer ahmed Visit User Timeline

Title : prizebondinsaf.com


31-May-2018 moneer ahmed Visit User Timeline

Title : Prize Bond 40000


دیکھنے کےلئے لنک پر کلک کریں

وئی آئی پی پیپرز

فری فارمولہ فری

فری اکاونٹ 

پرائز بانڈ انصاف

دیکھنے کےلئے لنک پر کلک کریں



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