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20-Oct-2018 p rawjee

Title : Missing prize of bond numbers 163417 and 702497 Rs. 750/= in six years unclaim schedule

Salaam, Dear Sir,

I hv prize bonds of Rs. 750/=  bearing #  163417 nd 702497.

All denominations Prize bonds me holding, are posted at in my account created in site of pkprizebonds.com.

These numbers got 3rd prize of 9300/ each in draw of 15th Oct 2018.

When me checked 6years unclaim lists on system, prizes are missing, nd when checked only current draw these numbers shows third prizes. For your information these numbers also appeared in SBP list of draw 15/10/2018.

Can you please check where the technical faults ?  AS SUCH ACTS GIVES LOSS TO CLAIMER IF ANYONE DOES NOT CHECK TIMELY.


Ali, Pyar 

Toronto Canada

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