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Terms and Condition

We expect our viewers to use the information provided in the website just educational purposes only and any material, text, content from this website if copied, used for republishing or for any other violation of copyright then we reserve the right to take necessary actions against any of such activities.

1. The information should not be used by any of the member for any illegitimate, illegal or fraudulent activity and if done by any of the member then he/she will responsible individually for his/her actions. 
2. We are not taking liability for any financial loss or damage occurred on the behalf of the content from this website. The information is provided for educational purposes only. 
3. Members are not allowed to post any of obscene content and use vulgarity by any mean. If someone may be found guilty then he/she will be banned from website membership without any warnings or intimation. 
4. We will not be responsible for any of the cash payment or transactions occurred between members or any of the viewers of this website. We strongly condemn and discourage these sorts of activities. 
5. Member found for abusing any other or creating any sort of harassment will be banned without any intimation. 
6. Members are not allowed to post any political, religious or any other issue and will be banned in case of any propagation of irrelevant information. 
7. All sorts of posting are subject to Cyber Crime Bill and in case of any violation the individual is personally responsible. 
By becoming member of this website you are by default saying "YES" to all terms and condition specified above and accepting it. We expect you to abide by these terms and conditions. 
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