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Example: From [124500] - To [125000]
How Power Search Works

Firstly Select Denomination according to your prizebond denomination. For example select Denomination amounting Rs. 100/=

After selecting denomination, schedule will be updated below. Select any schedule where you want to search or select "past 6 year schedule" for search your prizebond numbers in last 6 years back.

After selecting shedule,there are two ways of prizebond search.

Search your multiple prizebond

In search text box you can write multiple prizebond numbers with comma (,) separated. For example : 34344,736788,874563. and press seach. 

Search your prizebond numbers in sequence

If you have prizebonds in sequance range then you should use sequence searching of prizebond numbers.

Put range of first prizebond number and last prizebond number to search between those numbers, and press search button for result.

Prize Bond 750 Result / List


S :000831 314705 417508

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Prize Bond 15000 Result / List


S :120835 524976 990472

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